Stanford education at your fingertips!

Have you heard yet? Stanford University Online Education is offering several courses online on Entrepreneurship and Computer Science. These courses will be taught by renowned Stanford professors. And the best bit is that they’re free!

Of course these classes can’t replace the value of a full university experience. However, this is an opportunity to learn from leading experts from one of the best Universities in the world, so go learn something if you aren’t that busy!


Ten Commandments for Keeping Your Online Identity Secured

In a day and age when we can digitally curate our existence, it is important to keep full control of our accounts. And as internet availability is about everywhere in the planet, security issues can plague users if they become careless and don’t take precautions. Whether you are on facebook, twitter or any other platform, Social networking security is important. So here are the 10 things everyone needs to keep in mind.

Islamization: The Blurring Line Between Church, State and the Academe

by Silent Sinner TEHRAN. Iran is set to Islamize humanities studies in universities after supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei charged that Western teachings make students question religion, state news agency IRNA reported on Sunday. “The Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies was tasked by the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council to revise the human sciences curriculum,” … Continue reading