Noynoy Aquino: the straightest guy in town

by silent sinner

Noynoy Aquino

Wooing the nod of the business community, Liberal Party standard-bearer Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III vowed to provide businessmen a level playing field free of cronyism once he is elected as President in the May 2010 elections.

Whatever doubt I had about a possible Noynoy Aquino administration had been effectively put to rest by the speech he gave at the Makati Business Club last Thursday. It wasn’t just a good keynote speech. It was probably the best policy speech I’ve heard from a Filipino politician in recent years. It was simple, straight-forward, comprehensive and feasible. It wasn’t too left and it wasn’t too right. It was right there in the political center: inclusive, visionary but pragmatic, conservative in values but progressive in ideas.

Read Aquino’s Makati Business Club Keynote Speech >>

The speech resonated well his convictions and showed that he is a conviction politician. This was also reflected in the light of recent controversy that concerns the judiciary, more particularly the succession for the Chief Justice position. Aquino showed how he is willing to stand by what he genuinely believe is right regardless of who he has to stand up against. His unapologetic stand showed that he will not play politics simply to win this election.

Nothing about him gives us any reason to doubt that he is what he seems to be. He has never had a makeover and probably never would. He has never pretended to any ideological insight beyond a blend of moral conservatism with a liberal conscience. His hair, his clothes, his friends and his opinions, his life as a proficient but not brilliant lawmaker – what you see is what you get. And sitting in his fourth Congress and his third year as senator, Aquino has yet to offer anything other than a single version of his character. In this, he has achieved the oddity of becoming one of the least-spun presidential candidate of recent times.

Before the death of former President Corazon Aquino, polls would’ve placed a number of names well before her son’s. Polls, however, are based on the question ‘what if?’. And when that ‘what if?’ became centrally relevant, opinions changed and strange things happened. And in September, the qualities and character that the nation needs to reverse the years of administrative failures and public mistrust was suddenly, and widely, thought to best embodied in Noynoy Aquino.

People say that it was destiny that has thrown him at the center-stage. And being his parent’s son, he heeded the call when destiny came knocking at his door. And for a conviction politician like Noynoy Aquino, there is no turning back. What people will soon realize is that the old political adage of “These are my principles, and if you don’t like them I have others” does not apply to him. At the end of the day, he is a (to borrow a Blair phrase) “straight sort of guy” and he is what he is. For someone in politics, it is a little short of shocking.

4 Responses to “Noynoy Aquino: the straightest guy in town”
  1. benign0 says:

    This blog article is such a monumental struggle to build substance upon what is really a nebulous base upon which Noynoy’s candidacy stands.

    I agree with you on one thing you highlight about Noynoy in this article. He is simple, in the sense that there is only really his face value that can be taken. Beneath that there is a void. So to try to turn his being simple into his very value proposition to the electorate really does exhibit Noynoy supporters’ regard for the intelligence of Filipino voters (which, to be fair, is a fair regard).

    Nice try dude.

  2. theodore says:


    and ur reply reeks of another wannabe intellectual separating himself from the so-called “non-thinkers to gain a feeling of superiority.

    such arrogance comprise the bulk of gibo supporters who think themselves intellectuals by rallying behind someone who seem to be so.

    ugg pathetic

  3. I just read your comments and explanations on why you support Noynoy Aquino for the coming 2010 elections.

    Thanks for the info. I could use that in deciding whose name I will shade come voting time.

    Still I have issues to resolve before I could vote for him.

    Thanks for the info though.

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