Stanford education at your fingertips!

If you know some coding and understands discrete probability, I highly recommend signing up for the Cryptography class of Professor Dan Boneh.

Have you heard yet? Stanford University Online Education is offering several courses online on Entrepreneurship and Computer Science. These courses will be taught by renowned Stanford professors.  And the best bit is that they’re free!

You won’t get college credit for completing the courses unless you’re a Stanford student, but they will provide you with a statement of accomplishment and a performance rating compared to other online students, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to learn something.

So if you wish to enroll in any of the classes here are the links to each one of them:

The online course consists of two online lectures a week, digital discussions and a weekly piece of homework that must be completed in order for all online students to pass. So yeah, it pretty much feels like a real college course but at the comforts of your own home and at your leisure.

Of course these classes can’t replace the value of a full university experience. However, this is an opportunity to learn from leading experts from one of the best Universities in the world, so go learn something if you aren’t that busy!

Originally published at Princess of Antiquity.


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