The clock is ticking – no time to lose in Syria and Iran

2011 was not a good year for dictators and tyrants, as Ben Ali, Mubarak and finally Gaddafi were all successfully unseated from power. But let us not forget that many are still killing, torturing, and raping their own people – right now.


Starting Over: What Builds a Nation

by Caela I’m a very big fan of moving on. I’ve cheered new administrations on for not dwelling on the past and moving straight to the dirty task of governance and talk on the high road of bipartisanship for nation-building. The thing is, I believe this country have moved on far too often. I could … Continue reading

Noynoy Aquino: the straightest guy in town

by silent sinner Whatever doubt I had about a possible Noynoy Aquino administration had been effectively put to rest by the speech he gave at the Makati Business Club last Thursday. It wasn’t just a good keynote speech. It was probably the best policy speech I’ve heard from a Filipino politician in recent years. It … Continue reading

2010 Elections: New Heads of State and Heads of Government

by Caela (Ed: silent sinner) Here is an overview (albeit incomplete) of the possible batch of new and not-so-new leaders in the world stage this year either making their debut at International events as head of state/government or will be lucky to be saying “I’m back!”.

The Blood, The Backhoes and The Bodybags: Warlordism in the 21st Century

by Neil The Satirical Filipinos are used to seeing brains splattered across the pavement during election time. Election period is every gun smuggler’s, hit man’s and corrupt politician’s candyland; for guns, goons and gold are very much in circulation this time of the year. Thus a politician receiving a bullet through the head or getting … Continue reading

Philippines, Indonesia: Exceeded Growth Expectations

While the BRIC and N-11 saw sharper contractions than developed countries in general, Goldman Sachs said these economies also posted stronger rebounds. The investment bank grouped the BRIC and the N-11 in terms of the differentiation, with the Philippines still at the top tier.

“This group of winners includes Brazil, China, India, Egypt, Indonesia, and the Philippines. They have experienced a relatively mild slowdown, and have shown an impressive rebound in growth and activity this year.”

In the middle group are Korea, Nigeria, Turkey, and Vietnam, which have also seen impressive rebounds despite relatively sharp contractions, Goldman Sachs said.

Meanwhile, Iran, Mexico, Pakistan, and Russia belong to the bottom level given the depth of their recessions and sluggishness of recoveries.

[Commentary] EU: We want a President; World: Oh, were you talking to us?

by Caela After the Irish “yes” to Lisbon Treaty, European capitals were swept with speculations as to who would get the top job that Lisbon would create. Think Tanks across the Union worked double time to put forward necessary policy proposals aiming to strengthen the Union. At first ears around the world perked up to … Continue reading