Ten Commandments for Keeping Your Online Identity Secured

In a day and age when we can digitally curate our existence, it is important to keep full control of our accounts. And as internet availability is about everywhere in the planet, security issues can plague users if they become careless and don’t take precautions. Whether you are on facebook, twitter or any other platform, Social networking security is important. So here are the 10 things everyone needs to keep in mind.


The Middle East Game: von Neumann Solution

In this case, we look at this from a mathematical point of view, since infinitely long games are not considered outside the field of mathematics. We have to consider the possibility of an infinitely long game for they have elections, no time limits. They are willing to fight no matter how much it costs them or how long it takes. The resources are infinite: one side with the nuclear arsenal of the obscenely powerful and the other with the incandescent, destructive power of the utterly delusional.

Change-Maker: Tony Blair’s Courtship with Religion

The riddle of man’s relation with God (or a creator) — or even absence of — have been has found many different expressions. It has evoked many brilliant answers and how we feel about them is largely dependent on our private belief as to just which answer our own peculiar spiritual needs. There was a point in our shared histories when religion — and faith — was openly criticized, a point in time when everything was open for debate and discussion. That period saw the birth of progress at a rate previously unknown. It also lead to the market mechanism and capitalism, the scientific method, religious tolerance, and the organization of states into self-governing republics through democratic means. One by one, these products of that period seem to be failing but it does not mean that they are failing for what they are. Back in Davos Tony Blair was quite right in saying that “[w]e’ve been taught a very old lesson, which is that values matter.” We have forgotten the values that gave birth to these: freedom and a contractual basis of rights.
In a way what Tony Blair is doing with his foundation may be likened to puting children in a sandbox. At first they would play alone and be quite territorial in their own corners, then they would fight and eventually make up and play nice with each other. As for its success or failures, only time will tell. When the charge of leading the world is handed over to today’s generation of students and those after, we will see what change Tony Blair’s courtship with religion has contributed to the religious debate and how it helped shape the society of generations to come.

The Nobel Madness

Isn’t it funny when the media find fault and cry “undeserving” in recent years when the Nobel Peace Prize is given in this manner? Hello? Do they they get amnesia every year? After all, this is the institution that gave Kofi Annan and the UN an award “for their work for a better organized and more peaceful world.” (Where that world is, I’d like to arrange a transfer please. Hitler’s intention too was for a more organized world, or so I heard.If intent alone warranted prizes I would be on this list as so every beauty queen who wanted “world peace”. Also I would have a Nobel Prize for Literature and Physics too.) Raise hell whenever the Oslo Selection Committee names a laureate who is actually “worthy of great honor or distinction”, it’s out of character. This backfire after a long playing zarzuela and trahedya de komedya of the media’s love affair with Barack Obama deserve a good ribbing and lots of laugh. This was expected and can be seen and heard from a mile away, so grin and bear it. Don’t fuss and be a kill joy.

Three Stars and A Sun (With 9 Rays)

by Niel the Satirical We Filipinos are very sentimental people. We see to it that we lessen our garbage production by attaching a lot of emotions to our meager possessions. We keep shirts which are too small to fit because it was given to us by someone special, we don’t use that antique china collection … Continue reading

Islamization: The Blurring Line Between Church, State and the Academe

by Silent Sinner TEHRAN. Iran is set to Islamize humanities studies in universities after supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei charged that Western teachings make students question religion, state news agency IRNA reported on Sunday. “The Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies was tasked by the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council to revise the human sciences curriculum,” … Continue reading

Caela’s Little Lessons: From Geography to Philisophy and the Little Things She Thinks People Should Know

by Caela (Note: I’m sorry for this. People can check my track record any time — just click on my by line — and may very well conclude that I’m a fairly open-minded, non-reactionary, peaceful person who try to be balanced on my opinions most of the time. Therefore, I am giving explicit permission to  … Continue reading