The Euro Deal: EU’s Closer Integration; UK’s Isolation

Summits. With all the fanfare and hours of squabbling, you have to give it to the European Union. They do it best and they do it often. With the gruelling negotiations on addressing the looming Euro tragedy one can’t help but as why oh why must the EU’s answer to everything be to call a … Continue reading

Why I placed that Ban Blair-Baiting ad

by Stan Rosenthal The hate-speech directed at Blair must be countered “Bliar is a war criminal and should be tried and executed – let’s bring back castration, disembowelling, hanging, and quartering since he is also a traitor.” This is a more extreme example of the sort of hate-speech being incessantly directed at our former Prime … Continue reading

2010 Elections: New Heads of State and Heads of Government

by Caela (Ed: silent sinner) Here is an overview (albeit incomplete) of the possible batch of new and not-so-new leaders in the world stage this year either making their debut at International events as head of state/government or will be lucky to be saying “I’m back!”.

European Union: The Agenda-Setting Choice

A lot of things seem to be happening in the coming weeks and they are not co-incidental. In the coming weeks, EU leaders would decide to fill two very important posts: that of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and President of the European Council. Their decision could determine whether the union really seeks the bigger role it says it needs to try to match the influence of the United States and that of rising powers like China, Russia and India. Until then, we can expect the United States to put their Afghanistan Strategy on temporary hold. Across the Middle East, it is viewed that the Middle East peace process will also restart in the coming weeks and not least because of the perceived shift that may take place in the international political arena.

Vantage Point: The Lockerbie Media Circus

“Different countries, different perspectives and, in the way that news was reported, different stories. Lockerbie and the case of Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi is a text book example of how one man’s terrorist can be another man’s hero. Sometimes it just depends on what channel you watches.”

Petition to ‘Ban Blair-Baiting’ at the Iraq Inquiry

Taken from You might be interested in this new online petition Ban Blair-Baiting Published by John Justice on Aug 05, 2009 Category: Politics Region: United Kingdom Target: Opinion-formers Web site: Background (Preamble): Bear-baiting, whereby a tethered bear was attacked by a pack of dogs, was outlawed in this country in 1835. It is … Continue reading

The Case of Geert Wilders and Fitna

Last Thursday (12th Feb.), Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders was denied entry into United Kingdom (UK), detained and deported back to the Netherlands. Wilders came after being invited UKIP peer Lord Pearson of Rannoch to screen and discuss his film Fitna with peers and MPs in the upper chambers of the British parliament, the House of Lords. He was denied entry despite the protest of the Dutch government to the British government when Mr. Wilders received a letter from the British Embassy in The Hague saying that he is a “persona non grata” in the UK and that he is a threat to public security and public harmony because of the controversy created by Fitna.