The clock is ticking – no time to lose in Syria and Iran

2011 was not a good year for dictators and tyrants, as Ben Ali, Mubarak and finally Gaddafi were all successfully unseated from power. But let us not forget that many are still killing, torturing, and raping their own people – right now.


The Nobel Madness

Isn’t it funny when the media find fault and cry “undeserving” in recent years when the Nobel Peace Prize is given in this manner? Hello? Do they they get amnesia every year? After all, this is the institution that gave Kofi Annan and the UN an award “for their work for a better organized and more peaceful world.” (Where that world is, I’d like to arrange a transfer please. Hitler’s intention too was for a more organized world, or so I heard.If intent alone warranted prizes I would be on this list as so every beauty queen who wanted “world peace”. Also I would have a Nobel Prize for Literature and Physics too.) Raise hell whenever the Oslo Selection Committee names a laureate who is actually “worthy of great honor or distinction”, it’s out of character. This backfire after a long playing zarzuela and trahedya de komedya of the media’s love affair with Barack Obama deserve a good ribbing and lots of laugh. This was expected and can be seen and heard from a mile away, so grin and bear it. Don’t fuss and be a kill joy.