The Euro Deal: EU’s Closer Integration; UK’s Isolation

Summits. With all the fanfare and hours of squabbling, you have to give it to the European Union. They do it best and they do it often. With the gruelling negotiations on addressing the looming Euro tragedy one can’t help but as why oh why must the EU’s answer to everything be to call a … Continue reading

Should the UK join the EU Monetary Union?

When the single currency was introduced in 1999, eleven out of the fifteen European states joined the EMU. The UK however, one of the largest economies in the Union, declined to participate. The choice of whether or not joining the Euro zone was a fiercely contested issue in Britain with the government and business circles … Continue reading

Who Needs to Be EU President?

by Giles Merritt Whoever steps into Europe’s new top job as President of the European Council will set the mold. If it is someone of worldwide renown, the presidency will immediately be established as a post of global importance. But if its first occupant is not a household name, the presidency will be doomed as … Continue reading