The necessity of the Brownian downfall

“27 June 2007, the day when the skies darkened and the country went to the dogs! (…) Tony Blair’s far better than anyone else in politics today.” My friend John Rentoul hit the mark in today’s Independent. There is no one quite like Tony Blair. He’s in a class of his own, not a mere … Continue reading

Sony Breached — AGAIN! What you should do to protect your privacy.

If there are people who should learn from history, they’re the one at Sony. People have barely forgotten the recent PS breach that occurred barely a month ago and here we go again. (Is this going to be a monthly thing?) If the reports reaching me are true, a group that calls themselves “Lulz Security” claims that not only was the database breached by using a simple SQL injection attack but also that the passwords were stored in plain text. Forget negligence and irresponsibility, that’s downright — pardon the term — idotic… Continue reading original article »

Ten Commandments for Keeping Your Online Identity Secured

In a day and age when we can digitally curate our existence, it is important to keep full control of our accounts. And as internet availability is about everywhere in the planet, security issues can plague users if they become careless and don’t take precautions. Whether you are on facebook, twitter or any other platform, Social networking security is important. So here are the 10 things everyone needs to keep in mind.

Obama’s Devastatingly Mixed Signals

For better or worse, each passing day the Middle East is becoming more unstable. Regimes that have clung to power for decades are now being overthrown and threatened. Others are preemptively cracking down on their opponents or seeking to appease them.

While no one can say with certainty what the future will bring to the radically altered Middle Eastern landscape, it is becoming increasingly apparent that US influence over events here will be dramatically diminished.

Egypt: The Word from the Streets

by Bob Cavalcante As someone who lived and worked in Alexandria, Egypt for the last year and was in Alex when Khaled Said was assassinated by the corrupt police; witnessed the running gunfights outside my apartment window every night for the past week; saw every day non-political and non-protesting Egyptians stay up all night protecting … Continue reading

Starting Over: What Builds a Nation

by Caela I’m a very big fan of moving on. I’ve cheered new administrations on for not dwelling on the past and moving straight to the dirty task of governance and talk on the high road of bipartisanship for nation-building. The thing is, I believe this country have moved on far too often. I could … Continue reading

More Summits: The EU Solution

Why oh why must the EU’s answer to everything be to call a pow-wow at which they can take yet another group picture to set on their mantelpieces? No wonder capitals around the world are thinking that the EU is just about huff and puff.