Wedding of the Year: Charles Marries Sally

Last night, March 18, Mr. Charles Remus Crowley Bennet married Ms. Sally Sullivan on a private ceremony at the WYBIFAQ headquarters. Caela and Malabog stood in as witnesses to the union. A simple ceremony was performed by a leader of the United (Non-)Belief Congregation, a congregation that believe in and not believe in God/Allah/Buddha/Krishna/Gaia/Ra and all other gods.

The couple plans to “go to a private island and live happily ever after.”

Here are the pictures from last night’s ceremony:

16 Responses to “Wedding of the Year: Charles Marries Sally”
  1. malabog says:

    Half of the bored has finally found the perfect grounds to fire Caela…again. Half of the board believes –and based on half of the board’s observations–that Sally Sullivan is not a shark.Sally Sullivan is a turtle! A sea turtle specifically! Look at her,she’s green! We firmly believe that the members of the OTHER half of the board, which Ms. Caela still claims to be a part of, are color-blind and are therefore deserving to be fired by the mother board–though we don’t really care what the mother board says because we fired the mother board, together with Winterhollyhock earlier.

    • OTHER half of the board says:

      The other half of the board would like to disagree that Ms Sullivan is a sea turtle and green. She is obviously blue and a clown fish!

      Get your facts straight people!

  2. shien says:

    I beg to disagree with the half of the bored, ah I mean board, yet to agree at the same time. I agree on the terms that Sally Sullivan is NOT a shark and Ms. Caela definitely needs to get her eyes checked. But I definitely disagree on how Sally Sullivan appeared to be a sea turtle! She is not a sea turtle, nor does she appear to be one! She is a killer whale, a black one. Half of the board may have been color-blind and not notice the distinction between black and green, and this is grounds for demotion of the half of the board with counts of false accusation.

    • OTHER half of the board says:

      She is BLUE, BLUE, BLUE! As in democrat! And she is a clown fish. A CLOWN! As in republican! (This is what happens when a republican and a democrat mates.)

  3. shien says:

    And to add, the half of the board has been fired earlier for providing wrong and unverified information and for firing everyone even though no bored, ah I mean board meeting has been on session. In behalf of the higher powers, I reject any proposal of the half of the board to fire Ms. Caela again.

  4. malabog says:

    In behalf of half of the bored..errr..the board, we would like to inform the whole world that in WYBIFAQ, no higher powers exist aside from the mother board whom we already fired. We also regret to inform everyone that whatever decisions the alleged higher powers have come up with will NEVER be honored.CAELA IS FIRED.

    • OTHER half of the board says:

      On the contrary, the other half of the board has not yet fired the mother board, Caela and Winterhollyhock. The other half of the board would also like to point out that only the other half are producing articles. On this grounds, we are firing half of the board.

      • malabog says:

        Half of the board would like to retaliate to this outrageous statement: “The other half of the board would also like to point out that only the other half are producing articles.”. We would like to inform the world that half of the board is too busy firing people and too busy identifying what species of marine organism sally sullivan is to make new new articles. WE ARE WORKING! Because of its erroneous accusations , WE ARE AGAIN FIRING THE OTHER HALF OF THE BOARD.

  5. shien says:

    (covers her ears) I can’t hear you! Lalalalala~

  6. malabog says:

    Because the higher powers have yielded–or so it seems–to half of the board–by not defending themselves–half of the board, in desperate need of employees–because half of the board fired all of its employees earlier–would like to offer Ms. Caela’s post to the higher powers. If the higher powers decline the offer, half of the board will fire them.

  7. Caela says:

    The boards are bored. Bring back Sally Sullivan!

  8. shien says:

    In behalf of the higher powers I decline the offer of Ms. Caela’s post. In submitting my immediate resignation even though the offer was not taken, no firing will be done by the firing squad. The higher powers will be recognized as an independent group that will speak as they will and will not be subjected to any rule by a half of a board who does nothing but fire people.


  9. malabog says:

    We have not officially adopted Ms. Caela’s suggested title.wE ARE OFFENDED. Therefore, we are firing the higher powers.

  10. malabog says:

    The Boreds are very very very very board. We want sally sullivan now!

  11. shien says:

    The half of the bored has no leverage to fire the higher powers. And the higher powers no longer need to repeat itself on its position and independence to the board. The ‘title’ “firing squad” is not a title but a reputation, and it needs neither acceptance nor adoption by the receiving end.

    The higher powers demand that Sally Sullivan resurface immediately!

  12. sally sullivan says:

    A pleasant day to you all.

    At this moment I am basking at the fact that I am married. (though I am also basking at the fact that being not available anymore makes me more…err…attractive to my admirers).

    Sometimes you just want what you can’t get. OH well.

    Enough with the fantasies. After reading all your arguments, I daresay I find all this amusing.

    I am but a humble banana fish. Yes, a banana fish. Can’t you see that my shape is similar to this fruit? And since nothing in this world is indefinite, my color is also indefinite.

    I leave to the stars to tell what my color is.

    Or you can simply judge me.

    Go ahead.

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