The clock is ticking – no time to lose in Syria and Iran

2011 was not a good year for dictators and tyrants, as Ben Ali, Mubarak and finally Gaddafi were all successfully unseated from power.

But let us not forget that many are still killing, torturing, and raping their own people – right now. Although Assad is on the brink in Syria, so far more than 6,129 innocent souls have lost their lives and the actual number is likely to be much higher.

While the UN half-masted the flag for North Korea’s ex-dictator, the international community failed to act in concert and protect the Syrian people from Assad’s crime family. It was strategic suicide on behalf of NATO to rule out intervention right from the start and at the same time an invitation for Assad’s snipers to commit mass civilian atrocities with impunity.

It is no longer a battle over freedom and democracy in Syria. It has literally become a matter of life and death.

The other country we must pay close attention to is Iran, which is currently defying the West with its quest for nuclear weapons. Under no circumstances whatsoever we should tolerate Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

The country plans to produce 7000MW of nuclear energy by the year 2020, which will require at least seven nuclear power plants. When Saddam tried to build his dirty bomb, he already had in stock a total of more than 30 lbs of fresh Russian supplied 80% enriched uranium. One only needs to look at developments in Iran and it would appear that history is repeating itself.

How irresponsible, ignorant and naive are we?

According to the IAEA, Iran has already practically completed a front end of cycle, including conversion, enrichment and uranium mining and milling. What if Iran enriches uranium to a level higher than 20% U-235?

In 2010, the UNSC passed a Resolution, 1929, which called on Iran to immediately suspend its enrichment activities and fully cooperate with the IAEA inspectors. Ever since, Iran has been in breach and has crossed several thresholds relevant to the development of nuclear weapons. Just two days ago, the regime reported that it produced its first nuclear fuel rod.

Iran is a serious and profound threat to stability and peace in the region, which arguably makes it the greatest present danger per se. It undoubtedly continues to support organisations committed to destroying Israel, such as Lebanese Hezbollah, Hamas in Gaza and global jihad.

It is essential that we – the West – understand that those regimes do not hate us because of what we do but who we are. They are fighting hard and so must we. There should be no place for death-worshipping, religious fundamentalist, barbaric, pro-terrorist and anti-Semitic regimes in our freedom-loving minds.

Originally Published at Julie’s Think Tank.


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