2010 Elections: New Heads of State and Heads of Government

by Caela (Ed: silent sinner)

2010 Elections

Who will be the winners and losers of this round?

Here is an overview (albeit incomplete) of the possible batch of new and not-so-new leaders in the world stage this year either making their debut at International events as head of state/government or will be lucky to be saying “I’m back!”.

Chile: Presidential – Presidential Run Off (January 17)

Sebastián Piñera headshot.jpg Frei crop.jpg
Candidate Sebastián Piñera Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle
Party National Renewal Christian Democrat Party
Alliance Coalition for Change Concertación

After the grueling first round and with no candidate being able to secure the absolute majority needed, Opinion polls suggest that former Senator Piñera may be set to win the race for Presidency against former President Eduardo Fei. Piñera also lead the results for the first round. This is Piñera’s second time to run after losing to Frei in 1994.

(Ed: This election should be dubbed “The Return of the Has-Beens”.)

UPDATE: Sebastián Piñera won with 51.61% of the popular votes and will succeed President Michelle Bachelet as the 35th President of Chile on March 11, 2010.

(Ed: This is actually Piñera’s third run. He first lost to Frei, then lost to Bachelet. Now he finally won. Like they say, “try and try until you die”… or until you become president!)

Ukraine: Presidential (January 17 – 1st Round, February 7 – 2nd Round)

Viktor Yushchenko in Polish parliament..jpg Julia Tymoshenko 2008.png Yanu.jpg
Nominee Viktor Yushchenko Yulia Tymoshenko Viktor Yanukovych
Party Our Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc Party of Regions
Arseniy Yatseniuk.jpg Petro Symonenko head.jpg Сергій Тигіпко.jpg
Nominee Arseniy Yatsenyuk Petro Symonenko Sergei Tigipko
Party Yatsenyuk’s Front for change Communist Party of Ukraine Labour Ukraine

With President Yuschenko’s popularity waning, opinion polls suggest that it would be Opposition Leader and current Prime Minister Tymoshenko and former Prime Minister Yanukovych who will be facing each other in the second round of the polls. Yanukovych lost the 2004 Presidential election to President Yuschenko.

(Ed: It is said that Tymoshenko, or “princess” as her supporters like to call her, is pro-west. It was however rumored that Putin is supporting her candidacy which he denied claiming that he was only cooperating with Tymoshenko. But who can blame Putin for liking her? Besides, she’s the hottest head of state (sic) according to this.)

UPDATE: Viktor Yanukovych (having received 35.32% of the vote) and Yulia Tymoshenko (with 25.05%) will face each other in the second round of the election to be held on February 7. Some Analysts predict a slight advantage for Tymoshenko as she was more likely to attract voters from the other 16 candidates.

(Ed: Here’s my fearless forecast: Tymoshenko would win then Yanukovych would contest. Then like in 2005, there will be a second try at the ballot. Then in frustration the Ukrainians would just crown Tymoshenko queen because she would look good in the stamps!)

Sri Lanka: Presidential (January 26)

Mahinda Rajapaksa 2006.jpg General Sarath Fonseka.jpg
Nominee Mahinda Rajapaksa Sarath Fonseka
Party United People’s Freedom Alliance

President Rajapaksa has decided to seek a fresh mandate a year early from the expiration of his term. His opponent General Fonseka had been endorsed by a number of main opposition parties, including the United National Party and the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna. Rajapaksa was first elected president in 2005.

(Ed: Obviously, I have no idea what on earth is happening in Sri Lanka.)

Iraq: Parliamentary (March 7)

Nouri al-Maliki with Bush, June 2006, cropped.jpg Ammar.jpg
Leader Nouri al-Maliki Ammar al-Hakim
Party State of Law National Iraq Alliance

Prime Minister Al-Maliki’s government was the first government formed under the Constitution of Iraq that was approved in 2005. Al-Hakim on the other hand is the current leader of the Islamic Supreme council of Iraq which is currently the largest political party in the Council of Representatives.  This election is planned to coincide with the referendum on the presence of US troops.

(Ed: I’m just glad they’re having elections!)

Philippines: General (May 10)

Noynoy Aquino.jpg Josephestradapentagon.jpg Richard Gordon.jpg
Nominee Noynoy Aquino Joseph Estrada Richard Gordon
Party Liberal PMP Bagumbayan-VNP
Running mate Mar Roxas Jejomar Binay Bayani Fernando
Gates Teodoro Press Conference 090601 cropped3.jpg Proclamation villar.jpg
Nominee Gilbert Teodoro Manny Villar
Party Lakas-Kampi-CMD Nacionalista
Running mate Edu Manzano Loren Legarda

In August 2009, there was call for the candidacy of Senator Aquino III. Prior to Aquino’s announcement for candidacy, Senator Roxas II was favorite to win Liberal Party nomination but (seeing a potential party divide once Aquino seeks nomination) Roxas withdrew his plans for presidency and later became Aquino’s running mate. Villar topped opinion polls going back to 2008 but when Aquino made a debut in September 2009, Aquino came in with 60% and continues to lead the polls ever since. Former President Estrada comes in a far third. Estrada was ousted by People Power protest amid allegations of plunder and perjury. President Arroyo granted him pardon when the court found him guilty of plunder.

(Ed: If you think Estrada’s 2nd bid for presidency is surprising, nothing can top President Arroyo’s current bid for a seat in Congress [Lower House].)

United Kingdom: General (May – ?)

Gordon Brown David Cameron Nick Clegg
Leader Gordon Brown David Cameron Nick Clegg
Party Labour Conservative Liberal Democrat

After three consecutive victories under former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Labour seem to be headed for a crushing defeat with current Prime Minister Brown desperately clinging on to power suggesting they will continue the commitments of Blair’s administration. Cameron, on the other hand, earlier claimed to be the real “heir to Blair”.  This was in the light of polls saying that 53% wanted Blair back as Prime Minister. And 43% wanted him to be EU president. Opinion polls show a 10 point lead by the Conservative party however opinion formers seem to think that there is a possibility of a hung parliament so it might be that the Liberal Democrats would be a big player in this election. (Ed: Yet no one really knows who Nick Clegg is.)

(Ed: The Tories are still trying to dig up a copy of the New Labour Manifesto of 1997 — so far all they have seen is the introduction — and are currently reading Alastair Campbell’s Diaries (The Blair Years) hoping to re-create Blair’s 1997 victory. The thing is — the Tories are still trying to search for a store that sells “compassion”. The British election was interesting only when Blair was Labour leader. Now, let’s move on to more interesting things.)

Czech: Parliamentary (June – ?)

Mirek Topolanek.jpg Jiri Paroubek 2009.JPG
Leader Mirek Topolánek Jiří Paroubek

After four failed earlier attempts, the opposition ČSSD party succeeded in leading the lower house of the Czech parliament to a no confidence vote in Prime Minister Topolánek’s government in March 2009. After a long debate on the legality of an election however, ČSSD agreed to a mid-2010 election which is the regularly scheduled date. Paroubek’s party is currently leading the polls with Topolánek’s ODS 5 points behind.

(Ed: When I said interesting, I didn’t mean this.)

Slovakia: Parliamentary (June 12)

Robert Fico crop.jpg DzurindaMik2.jpg
Leader Robert Fico Mikuláš Dzurinda
Party Smer-SD SDKÚ-DS

After more than a decade, and two terms governing the country, the centre-right parties – now in opposition – are coming together for a possible cooperation for the 2010 elections in order to unseat the ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Fico. Recent polls show that some form of cooperation will be needed if the opposition is to have any chance of defeating Smer in the national elections. It seems highly possible that Fico would remain Prime Minister.

(Ed: I’m pretty sure Brown would love to be in Fico’s place right now.)

Brazil: General (October 3 – 1st Round, October 31 – 2nd Round)

Serra02032007-2.jpg Dilma Rousseff 2009.jpg Cirogomes2006.jpg
Nominee José Serra Dilma Rousseff Ciro Gomes

Because the election is still 10 months away, negotiation for coalitions are still going on. Opinion polls seem to suggest that President Lula’s Chief of Staff Rouseff and Governor Serra would be facing each other at the second round of the election.

(Ed: I like these two round elections. First it gives you a lot of choices to choose from which is sort of hard. Then it makes the choosing a whole lot easier by making you choose between 2 candidates. So you can definitely blame yourself when that person ends up screwing the country specially when you made that stupid mistake of voting for that person twice!)

More election schedule here.

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