The Philippine Government is a Laughing Matter

by Niel the Satirical

Isnt this disturbing??

Isn't this disturbing??

What does an episode of South Park and the Philippine Government have in common? Well for one, both are senseless and funny. One has cartoon kids talking crap while the other has a lot of selfish and ambitious bastards talking which are full of crap. Our political arena is so funny that one would happen to mistake a senate hearing for an episode of Wowowee. The vast array of personalities (or the cast of characters which I personally call them) could extend from Action stars, sexy stars, singers, drug lords, gambling lords, priests and a hobbit (and you think Lord of the Rings is pretty diverse). As a result of this colorful ensemble we happen to have the Oscars running our country.

Don’t get me wrong here, even though I hate the fact that we have people who assume another character for a living running our country I admit that I rather enjoy their all-out riots and the drama that happens in a routine senate session that beats an episode of Gossip Girl. The Government becomes the source of everyday puns and entertainment resulting to every citizen of this country leaning more on noon time shows to pull them out of poverty. How could we blame our poor countrymen? When you have dancing, acting and singing presidential candidates then something is clearly wrong.

So the next time people should cast their votes, I hope that we learn that public office is not similar to the box office. It is a challenge for us Filipinos to learn whom to trust and invest our votes in. Actors might be very convincing in portraying larger than life and noble characters that we all love but in real life they are all just like you and me, clueless and foul-mouthed human beings.

So now, I’ll return to my favorite prime time laugh trip entitled “The President’s Hour”.

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  1. OTHER half of the board says:

    The OTHER half of the board officially welcomes nfvlacson to WYBIFAQ! We hope to read more from you soon.

    Good post, keep it up! 😉

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