Caela’s Little Lessons: From Geography to Philisophy and the Little Things She Thinks People Should Know

by Caela

(Note: I’m sorry for this. People can check my track record any time — just click on my by line — and may very well conclude that I’m a fairly open-minded, non-reactionary, peaceful person who try to be balanced on my opinions most of the time. Therefore, I am giving explicit permission to  any member of the editorial board to delete this article if it they deem that it compromises the blog / the board / the management or even me as an in-house blogger. Disclaimer here.)


I do not need a name, an age, a culture or a face for there is much more to a person than nationality, gender, color or race. –Caela, Editorial Board

But I do and have revealed my nationality, color and race whenever I deem them relevant and could possibly have an effect on my opinion. (i.e. when talking about issues concerning my country where nationalistic views might be integral to my opinion) And this time, it does. I would like to use this opportunity to educate some people in geography. As you can see, Mr. Ianrthorpe, if you get a globe (which is a round model of the world, fyi) you’ll see that on the east of Africa and Europe there is a big area of land that is called Asia. It’s the world’s largest and most populous continent. And, shock of all shocks, there are in fact Asians in the world. And I do take pride in my Asian ancestry.

Children, when arguing, try not to assault the character of a person. This is a logical fallacy (an argument which provides poor reasoning in support of its conclusion, fyi) called Argumentum Ad Hominem or personal attack. This, kids, is considered logically fallacious because insults and even true negative facts about the the other person’s personal character have nothing to do with the logical merits of his/her arguments or assertions. Sadly, like little kids, when they can no longer rebut arguments even those who have long tossed the cap seem to not have put the playground far behind them as they resort to character assassinations to “argue” their point. What these people do not realize is that attacking other people’s character does not make that person’s opinion/argument wrong or irrelevant and their opinion right.

And on the topic of relevance and irrelevance, according to the Relevance Theory of Sperber and Wilson something is relevant when “an input (a sight, a sound, an utterance, a memory) is relevant to an individual when it connects with background information he has available to yield conclusions that matter to him: say, by answering a question he had in mind, improving his knowledge on a certain topic, settling a doubt, confirming a suspicion, or correcting a mistaken impression.” Which therefore makes it subjective and relative to the intelligence of the person when one judges the relevance or irrelevance of something.

Also, there is this long forgotten and definitely neglected piece of wisdom that had been with us even back to the days when some of us had to download jpeg files in parts for hours. Because back during the days when the internet was monopolized by the educated “elite”, observing proper netiquette (net etiquette, fyi) was necessary and became ingrained in some of us.  It’s like time honored traditions and proper manners that are (strictly) observed in learned circles. A combination of class, manners and breeding. For those those from the later online generation (not necessarily parallel to real-world generations), rule number one is: “Remember the Human“. It goes similar to the golden rule which states that “do unto others as you’d have others do unto you”.  It’s common courtesy.

By the way, for those of you who are wondering, political correctness (PC) was not part of netiquette. And I’m quite sure it is still not.

Like everyone else in this blog, her opinion does not claim to be “right” or that of an “expert” — they are just opinions. –Caela, Editorial Board

(PS: I actually thought I would go into a full blast rant, but this article didn’t turn out so bad after all. If you want to know what brought this about, read this. Julie and KTBFPM also blogged about this.)

(PPS: BTW, consider this childish if you must, I refuse to talk to people who say that nobody is Asian.)

(PPPS: I just realized that technically, I am allowed to post this post because according to this, “writers are entitled to their own opinions and the topics they wish to cover” moreover “WYBIFAQ encourages expression of opinion.” Obviously, I am simply trying to make my case in advance so that I don’t get fired again.)

(PPPPS: I studied Latin and I’m quite sure that I can use as many Ps I want before S.)

11 Responses to “Caela’s Little Lessons: From Geography to Philisophy and the Little Things She Thinks People Should Know”
  1. Relax, my friend. Breathe in, breathe out. Now, here’s your candy.

    Tell me, Caela. Worth the effort of getting fired again? You know that malabog (who insists on speaking for half of the board) would jump at any chance to fire you! Also I declare this post “irrelevant” because I have no background on what irritated you so badly that you had to write an article about it and because there are so many hyperlinks that you can’t possibly expect me to click on all of them!

    Now, monkeying around aside, this is not worth wasting your time on. Go finish that press thing I saw in drafts! 😛

    Btw, I loved the jpeg in parts bit.

    Peace! 😀

    • Caela says:

      Selling me out much? Anong klase kang kaibigan? 😛

      Let’s just hope malabog is busy and/or forgot her administrative password! Hyperlinks? Well, it’s not my problem your lazy! 😉

      “That press thing”? Why are my articles often “outed” before I even get to post them? Why don’t you finish the post you have in drafts? 😛

  2. boggartblog says:

    You said it yourself, Asia is a continent. Therefore nobody can possibly be Asian. There are numerous races inhabit Asia, Semites and Turks in the east, Kurds and Iranians, Chinese, Mongoloid to name some of the main ones. The Indian subcontinent is not part of Asia however but a landmass on the Indian tectonic plate on which the Indonesian archepelago is also situated.

    Europe is slightly different to other continents as all the inhabitants of early civilisations on the continent were on the Indo – Caucasian root race.

    So you see, saying you are Asian tells us nothing, it is misinformation typical of Tony Blair’s style of politics in fact. I suspect you are in fact Indian, Bangladeshi or or Pakistani in which case you are not Asian at all.

    BTW tell the moderators I would be very unhappy were you to be sacked or barred from the site for complaining about me. After all, you have given me some links which is what it’s all about – thanks for that.

    • Caela says:

      I am a Filipina. And I am a proud Asian. I did not say “Asian” is a nationality, it’s a demonym for people from Asia. FYI, it’s a misconception of the west and the ill-informed that central and south Asians (as are those from the -stan regions and from India) are not Asians. They are. I studied Asian history since first grade until university.

      BTW, the Indonesian archipelago is in Southeast Asian region (which includes Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) while India is in the South Asian region (which include Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka). And the Indian subcontinent is part of the Asian continent.

      Oh, the sacking thing is an inside joke here at WYBIFAQ and our regular readers so I wouldn’t even try to explain. You see, no one here would even think about censoring me because this place does not believe in censorship.

  3. boggartblog says:

    Actually, even in my sixties I am generally considered a very handsome man – ask my very much younger girlfriend.

  4. Dr. Honeybuns says:

    Mr Ugly Face
    Not only is Ian very good looking, if you have heard the phrase “come to bed eyes” in his case the words to bed are redundant.

    The picture on the blog is not him. It is a photoshopped version of someone we know. So the attempts at personal insults are a bit wasted really.

    I do hope you Blair Supporters all grow up one day and become aware of the harm Tony Blair did in Britain and abroad.

    I am Indian by the way, not Asian. Got that?

    • Caela says:

      I am saddened that you do not consider yourself Asian.

      Also, I don’t even think you have read what I wrote above so, I probably shouldn’t be answering this comment at all.

      Beauty is subjective. I had college courses called Art Criticism and Art Theory where we studied the theory and concept of beauty. And well, I guess what the others were calling ugly had little to do with the outside than the manners and breeding of a man. But then, that too is subjective.

      As for Tony Blair, only history will have the right to judge. If we are on the wrong side, I guess too bad for us.

  5. Ian Thorpe says:

    honeybuns comments seem to be at Mr Uglyfaceofblogging so should she have read what you wrote seeing as she was not replying to it?

    Again it is you who need to take little lessons rather than giving them. I think you will find that as a Filipino you are not from a nation of the Asian continent but of one of the Pacific microcontinents, Philippines, Polynesian, Melanesia and Micronesia.

    Also follow this link to learn that the Indian sub continent is not part of Asia at all. The Himalayas are situated where the Indian and Asian tectonic plates collide. Indonesia is more problematic as it lies on the meeting point of the Indian, Australian and Asian plates and nobody is quite sure where they actually change.

    • Caela says:

      Wrong again.

      First, Mr Uglyfaceofblogging (if there is such an article or a person) is not from WYBIFAQ. So yes, she should read the article before commenting because it is out of topic.

      Second. No, the Philippines is part of the maritime section of Asia. Same with Brunei, East Timor, Indonesia, Bornean Malaysia, and Singapore. Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia belongs to Oceania (or Oceanica) with Australia and New Zealand. You obviously don’t know geopolitical regions.

      Your talking about plate-tectonics and continents have less to do with them and more with geopolitical regional groupings.

    • shien says:

      Amen to Caela.

      @ Mr. Thorpe: You obviously need to read a book, you might be getting information from vague sources. Though your information on tectonic plates is accurate, one look at a map of say, Asia, and you can pretty much deduce that according to the politics of geography, India is pretty much part of Asia, maybe tad bit separated from Asia because of the Himalayas, but a part nonetheless. Tectonic plates, though very important, is another story. We can talk about that if you want.

      And also, I feel the need to ask, since I’m studying Geography as of the moment, what possessed you to say that Philippines is one of the Pacific microcontinents? Do enlighten me, please. (I’ve already read Caela’s reply, I just want to know your side of the story)

      Caela, just passing through, went through a nerve-wracking finals week (we all did), felt the need to drop a bomb somewhere 😛

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